Volcanic Vicissitudes, A Poem by Vicki VanEck Hill

I needed a toaster
He sent new pillow; in summer: flannel winter sheets
When I needed comfort
Returns were at best bittersweet

Volcanic vicissitudes erupt
Or unseen, he’ll depart
Before a dear one’s funeral –
This re-broke my heart.

Had me wondering for years
Self-doubt, shedding tears
Because I could previously discuss,
Pull yarns from tangled muss

When I was ill, we’d eat wordless in same room
Left all day to myself I watched clouds reflect gloom
Till my body left little choice
Spirit discerned I had heard another’s–not God’s –voice

Isn’t it rich, as days stumble, months fly
All he’d not do then he now codifies?
If we women take French leave
Why do we worry? He’ll feel deceived, yet relieved!

August, 2016

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