A Blaze of Gory

It has been a part of my life,
my whole life, well, for as

long as I can remember, be-
cause, as I remember, I am

part of the first T.V. gen-
eration and that means “shoot

‘em ups,” downs, sideways,
any old way you can look at

it from Lash Larue to Audie
Murphy at the end of WWII to

Hopalong Cassidy, too and
that is exactly what we

did and still do daily and
nightly as we stare at the

tube and You-tube and video
games and who’s to blame?

Wrong question. We’ve been
obsessed with death since

day two when Cain slew Abel
and asked, “Am I my brother’s

keeper,” which was rhetorical,
of course, even if he didn’t

know it, because, of course,
he was and we should be,

too, but unfortunately for
me and you, we still blast

them through and through
and through until we are

through, which begs the
question, “Are we through?”

which is rhetorical, too.
and this is the end of our

less than magnificent story:
Here Lies The Human Race,

Which Went Out In A Blaze
of Gory.

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