Sometimes Timing Is Everything.

Sometimes timing is everything.
I took a hiking stick to the car
along with a few other things
to be taken to the second-hand
store because I have a gazillion
hiking sticks, a few of which I
use for hikes and jogs in the
desert and on the trails along
the big lake back home. A
car was parked outside another
condo and the passenger side
door was open and the horn
was blaring. I stopped to see.
The owner of the condo was
trapped in the passenger seat
having fallen back in after
unloading some groceries.
She screamed, “Help me. I’m
trapped and can’t breathe.”
Well, wondering how on earth
this could have happened but
realizing something had to
be done and being no dummy, I
warned the particularly large
neighbor that in order to help
her I would have to put my
hands in places she wouldn’t
normally allow, she replied,
“I’m dying here already.
Just do it!” Just do it —
like the Nike advertisement
and being more athletic
than she, which isn’t saying
much, I did it and extricated
her from her dire predicament.
I asked her if she would like
to have a really nice, wood,
hiking stick to help her get
around. Catching her breath,
she said yes and I went and
got it out of the trunk
for her.

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