We Watched the Geyser

We three watched the geyser
shooting out of the broken
sprinkle head. “There’s an
accidental fountain.” I in-

troduced myself to the couple
approximately my age, saying,
“You are from Minnesota; last
year, another couple from

Minnesota wintering here told
me that you (looking at the man)
are a football legend there.”
“Where are you from?” he asked.

“Michigan.” Then making a
football connection, “Actually,
the home town of a quarterback
for a professional football

team.” “Yes, a fine Christ-
ian man. I’m active in the
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
and he is very involved. Yes, a

fine, young Christian.” The
hairs on my neck stood. The
legend asked me in what denom-
ination I was a minister.

“Three — the Reformed Church
in America, then the Presbyterian
Church (USA) and I retired from
the United Church of Christ.” He

nodded affirmatively at the
mention of the first one and
just stared at me as I named
the second one and had perhaps

a bit of a frown at the last
one. Even though I am an elderly,
white man, I just knew in that
moment that when the time came,

he would turn me in to the

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