All the Bad News and One Green Leaf

The man appeals to the worst instincts
but a woman called him out on it, and,
guess what, another woman said the

woman who called out the man is
appealing to the worst instincts. And
so goes the political show…and soon

it, very well, may be gone: gone the
progress for the LGBT community,
gone the progress of minorities gain-

ed after hundreds of years of oppress-
ion, gone the progress for women
gained after decades and decades of

struggle, gone the progress of im-
migrants who came for family to the
land flowing with milk and honey but

who came illegally because they didn’t
have the time and money to get in the
discriminatively, prohibitively legal

way, gone the middle class, the bed-
rock of a viable, economic system,
gone the poor into death and oblivion,

gone this group and that group and
your group and then only the one
percent of one percent will be left

and then they, too, will disappear
because there will be nobody to
purchase the stuff that made them

rich and when all are gone, the
beleaguered earth will sprout a
beautiful, new, green leaf.

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