The Comedy Show

It’s The Hollow Man, the Wannabe Stadel Lion-man
with the Faux Lion’s Mane and Pinocchio’s Nose Comedy Show
featuring the comedy cast of Reince “Rhino Skin”
Priebus unlike his boss The Thin-Skinned-Faux Lion-Man
and nitty-witty, ever-so-funny Kellyanne
and Michael Flynn, the kooky conspiracy man
and Can You Believe Steve Bannon,
Wild Hair, Paunch — the sinister Shar Pei Man?
They’re funny, they’re outrageous,
mocking the audience they will shout
and tell all to shut up and get the hell out!
Oh, no, that’s not at us they shout —
it’s just the press, foreign dignitaries,
leaders of state, kings, queens
and the Prince of Wales
they gleefully shout out.
They call them up and then hang up
so abrupt just for fun
and all laugh into the TV camera
shouting, “Trump’s Number One.”
At the National Prayer Breakfast
The Hollow Man said he prayed
for the Terminator before The
Apprentice would terminate
due to poor ratings it would
surely generate
without The Hollow Man at
that ship’s helm.
But now he’s in his own realm —
a universe parallel
with a comedy show nonpareil
which according to the critics
already is in all of Dante’s Nine
Circles of Hell.

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