What’s The New Scene? *

What’s the new scene?
What do I mean?
Do I mean the mean, new scene
or the same, old scene
only quite a bit more mean?
Two weeks it has only been
but an eternity it seems,
know what I mean?
Not only the dirty water,
polluted air, smoldering earth scene,
know what I mean?
But the social, societal unrest scene,
know what I mean?
The disrespectful, malevolent, narcissistic
signaling what this might mean —
the dreaded, forbidding, end-times
which might mean
that this is about the soon to be Late, Great, Planet Earth,
which isn’t at all what the author did mean
but more at what the late, great James Baldwin did mean:
God Gave Noah the Rainbow Sign:
No More Water, Fire Next Time

*With indebtedness to Anne Waldman and her poem Anthropocene Blues

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