From Ignorance To Inquisitiveness to Om or, At Least, Oh!

Speaking of ignorance, and celebrating its necessity in discovering knowledge, I read an epithalamium today, a poem celebrating a bride and/or bridegroom, etymology: Latin & Greek; Latin epithalamium, from Greek epithalamion, from epi- + thalamos room, bridal chamber; perhaps akin to Greek tholos rotunda.

I, of course, being ignorant saw the word and being curious looked it up. The link took me to this:
The epithalamium was employed as a literary form for the first time by Sappho, who wrote:
Raise up the roof-tree—
a wedding song!
High up, carpenters—
a wedding song!
The bridegroom is coming,
the equal of Ares,
much bigger than a big man.

which got me to thinking about roof beams which then took me to a remembrance of J.D. Salinger’s story Raise High the Roof Beams, Carpenters, a story which initially is about a wedding and finally, after all these years of not knowing what the heck the title had to do with the story, although I really liked the title and felt intellectually smug telling friends about such a fine story, my initial ignorance led me to the realization that Salinger’s inspiration for the title of the story was a poem by Sappho.

Voila! Better late than never.

And now, back to the blissful state of ignorance anticipating more
inquisitiveness leading to Oh! if not Om.

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