A Not So Grimm Fairy Tale

Mean, old Trumpelthinskin
unlike Rumpelstiltskin
could only spin fool’s gold from straw
even spinning while combing
his thinning, fake hair,
which could be mistaken for straw.
Being hollow he wanted to
be filled with everything he saw.
Such greed got him into bankruptcy
but he managed to bully and spin
with fake facts his way
to the presidency
where, being a malevolent narcissist,
early on he sent out
vindictive directive after directive
at which his inner circle of deplorables
cheered with invective.
The courts he tried to win
with his alternative fact spin
but they refused his advances of
and in their verdicts exposed his
Alleged to have relieved himself
on Russian women in the buff,
he thus tried the same thing on
fair maiden Lady Justice
only to receive a solid rebuff.
Now, we can only hope he follows
the self-destructive behavior
of another hollow man
from dark fairy land,
Rumpelstiltskin who when
refused his obscene demand
of the fair damsel’s first child
went wild
slammed down his little feet
and maybe his small hand
creating a hole so deep and wide
he fell in
and never, ever was seen again
in all the land —
thus would end the presidency
of the deplorable Trumpelthinskin.

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