Losing Sleep

They were having some work
done on the condo — three
glass panels from 1985 were
to be removed and the wall
painted terra-cotta in homage
to the lay-of -the-land. A little
patch of popcorn ceiling also
circa 1985 was to be scraped
and painted before attaching
the new dining room light
fixture replacing the 1985,
leaded-glass light fixture.
The workman was scheduled to
be at the condo by nine a.m.
and the owner lost sleep
going over and over in his
mind how he was going to get
the dog out and fed, grill
the tilapia, which had to be
cooked or thrown out because
they were going away for the
day to vacate the premises
for the sake of the workman,
fry the eggs, eat and clean
up and move the dining room
furniture all before the work-
man knocked on the door and
if that wasn’t enough the
owner, when he did finally
get to sleep, dreamed that he
overslept waking up with a start
at 9:15 and in a panic running
to the door in his undies to
greet the irritated workman
who had been standing there for
fifteen minutes when, in reality,
the owner got up at the dog’s
beckoning at 7:15 and got it all
done which included taking the
dog out in a rare rainstorm
in the desert, hauling in
the dog’s food from the car
which he forgot to do the
night before, grilling under
an umbrella, frying the eggs
with cheddar cheese and
tomatoes and grinding the coffee
beans and making a pot of coffee.
His wife was finishing up the
dishes at 9:05 when he got a
text that the workman was
running late and wouldn’t be
there until around eleven,
if then.

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