Walter Mitty in the Great Outdoors

He sees the e-mails from
REI and The Clymb and he
starts to fanaticize about
great hikes and paddles and

rides and runs and then he
thinks about the very slow
jogs he does on the trail
just outside of the assoc-

iation back parking lot
that goes along the high-
way across from which is
the entire mountain preserve

in the heart of the city where
when he used hike it felt as
though he were in the middle
of the wilderness. His is not

a dramatic jog; there isn’t
much elevation on the run,
but the little hill he climbs
about halfway through his

jog makes him feel as though
he is halfway up Mt. Mc-
Kinley. Then he went to the
orthopedic surgeon’s office

and the nurse said he couldn’t
possibly be seventy-two giv-
ing him a subtle wink and
a nod and the physician told

him to go right on hiking,
cycling, kayaking and jogging
as long as he had no pain
and, with that, he felt like

he had just finished a hun-
dred kilometer trail run on
the Navaho reservation near
the Four Corners on a brisk,

bright and sometime, snowy
day just as he arrived back
at the condo at the end of
a thirty-minute slow jog.

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