Come What May

Come what may, evil
sticks like glue to every-
one, including me and

you. It just won’t go
away. Even if one is
innocent, evil pursues

throughout the day — some-
thing sticky on the hand.
One shakes and shakes but

it won’t go away. Conseq-
uences latch on, too. Lady
Macbeth tried to wash the

blood of Duncan away. She
screamed “Out damn spot,”
but it remained indelible,

regardless of what others
might say. Evil sticks
when you think it has gone

away; it pursues in ven-
geance to one’s dying day
and the consequence of

evil sticks like glue in
guilt, too. What to do? His
father once told him to

declare his innocence, if
true, through attack after
attack after attack and

come what may, he would
still have his integrity.
Come what may, come what

may, come what may, evil
can’t take one’s integrity


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