Wanting to Go Back and Explain

He could be standing at the
Kitchen sink doing the morning
Dishes when a memory hits
Him and he relives it knowing
That at that time he was a
Callow fellow just experiencing
The moment, full of himself and
His experience in that moment
And he actually wants to go
Back and give the moment a
Greater meaning, a bigger picture,
A more profound appreciation
For what was going on, especially
The times with his late wife and
Children when they were young,
But then he thinks he is giving that
Moment the profundity that each
And every one of the moments he
Recalls deserves. He does that as
He begins to cry not knowing exactly
Why except maybe because those
Who were with him then are not
Now and he wants them to know
That all those moments were much,
Much more significant to him
Than what he indicated at the time.

1 thought on “Wanting to Go Back and Explain

  1. Bob, you read my mind again. I do this about all the times if overlooked “significant moments” and times when I really stepped on it, etc. Sometimes I wonder if losing one’s memory is such a bad thing after all.

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