The Foul-Mouthed Preacher

After reading about the Yale educated,
Southern Mississippi raised, foul-mouthed

preacher who, when asked how he could
possibly be a preacher with a mouth

like his, stated that he “had the call,
Goddammit!” which he did because he

courageously preached the love of God
for everyone regardless of the color

of their skin to the obstinate, obdurate,
white, racist KKK, the reader/ preacher

thought about “being called” to preach
Christ’s mercy, justice, peace and love

to all having been given license to
use rough language just like the

Southern preacher and then one day on
a bike path in Phoenix he was almost

sideswiped by a cyclist, in spandex,
riding his bike at the speed of sound

scaring the bejesus out of the preacher,
who, instinctively, yelled at the top

of his lungs, “Hey, ass-wipe, are you
trying out for the Olympics?” Fortunate-

ly for the preacher, the cyclist was
riding so fast, he was out of ear shot

when the stunned preacher uttered the
words and then a little birdie descended

on the preacher’s shoulder and told him,
in a Southern Mississippi drawl, “that

ain’t exactly what preachin’ Christ in
rough language is all about, Goddammit.”


One thought on “The Foul-Mouthed Preacher

  1. FUN! You could have used my Grandpa’s words approved by Southern Baptists:
    CONsarn it! Dang it! Laud de mussy! Jumpin’ Jehosephat!

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