Arriving at the Next Place

Well, we are arriving at the next place
along the way,
the next step on the journey.
We are in a new phase.
We couldn’t stay in the old place,
which actually was a recently new place
but a very uncomfortable place;
it was a place very upsetting and scary for
most everyone, well,
for over half the population, anyway.
We were horrified at what
had happened
and we did the natural, normal thing,
which was to cry out in protest;
it was energizing rather than enervating.
No one can live in fear and anger
for very long.
It’s unnatural; it pinches and shrivels
and so, now, we are saying that we will
focus on gratitude and thankfulness
as a new way to protest
the grotesque state of affairs.
Oops, I just went back there and now I feel
fear and anger and a need
to find a protest march against
the invading
forces of sheer lunacy which
will turn quickly into Kafka’s, Sartre’s
and Camus’ existential nightmare.
Okay, I will be grateful and
thankful for those who gather in
protest and
I will take a deep breath.
Breathe in Yah;
breathe out weh.

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