The Neighborhood Garages

The content of garages tells you a
lot about the people who live in
the house, especially the men, but

not always.

His neighbor on one side has a
very neat garage, everything in
its place – a workbench cleared

of clutter, swept clean of debris,
lots of expensive tools with
engines; on the wall behind the

bench, clear glass jars of various
sizes are secured. The jars contain
nails and screws, rows of metric

and rows of standard size. Work
boots are placed neatly next to
the door into the house. The man

would call this neighbor if some-
thing mechanical broke down at
his house.

The neighbor on the other side of
him also has a neat garage. Hooks
hang from rafters holding bikes by

their wheels. Hooks hang from the
walls cradling kayaks. Hooks hang
along the back wall holding up skis

and fishing rods. Big plastic con-
tainers in front of the skis and
fishing rods contain camping equip-

ment. There is a little workbench
with a few items for doing yard
work. He would enjoy a weekend

away with this neighbor.

The neighbor across the street
has a garage stuffed with stuff
and every garbage pick-up day

there are empty bottles of wine
and liquor in the recycle bin,
not secured in brown paper bags

to hide from the prying eyes of
neighbors but unabashedly there
for God and everyone else to see.

He would enjoy having happy hour
with this neighbor.


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