The Entertainer

He flips his wrist
And down they go.
He jerks his wrist
And up they go
Just like a giant yo-yo.
He walks the dog
And twirls them
Around the world,
He goes whole hog.
The crowds cheer and cheer
And watch him
Pull a coin from behind
The crowd’s collective ear
And doesn’t give it back.
He puts it in his backpack
Filled with promises and
Taxpayers’ dough
While the unsuspecting
Crowd just calls for more
Of the celebrity’s show.
When, oh, when
Will they realize
He says he’s got a royal flush
But he’s just rolling snake eyes
While taking all the Native People’s
And Immigrants’ dough
From this venue and that?
He’s the exploiting fat-cat
Who wouldn’t know
Fiction from fact,
But he’s got them convinced
For now that he’s a class act.
He’s got all the attention
And his sleight-of-hand
Goes without mention.
He’s Robin Hood in reverse
Taking from the poor
And giving the rich the poor’s
Coins to disperse.
He’s got them where he wants them.
They are eating out of his hand.
He’s our duly elected flimflam man.

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