There Is a Season and a Time to Every Purpose

Flipping channels, he came across
The local public television’s seemingly endless
Fund raising drive — week after week — and saw, for
The umpteenth time, folk singers
Grown as old as he had grown

(Including Sweet Baby James last night
On Austin City Limits.)

He listened to the anti-war songs
And recalled marching for civil
Rights and against the war in Viet
Nam on the campus of a huge
Midwestern university.

Then he thought back a month
To the Women’s March and the
March for Immigration Rights
And the march to the ICE office
Sponsored by his Sanctuary Church

And hearing men and women his age say,
“Who would have thought we
Would be at it again? Feels
Good, doesn’t it?” Then he
Flipped the channel impatient

For the spring fund-raiser
To be over so he could, once
Again, watch those great
British dramas on Sunday

Then he thought about the
Proposed budget cuts, made
A mental note to call his
Representatives and pulled
Out his wallet, and as he did,

He caught himself singing pacifist
Pete’s take on Ecclesiastes,
“To everything, turn, turn,
Turn; there is a season, turn,
Turn, turn, and a time to every

Purpose under heaven.”


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