The Inland Sea

He could not bear to
put his lifeless wife
in the cold, hard
unforgiving ground
away from all the
places she knew of
life and vitality.
She had been a water
person raised by
an inland sea,
and so when the dread
time approached, he
knew what place
it would have to be.
The boat sailed out
and the ashes were
scattered in the blue
waters of that sea.
Every time the children
gather looking out at
wave upon wave
and looking as far
as eye could see,
they think lovingly
of their mother frolicking
in the waters of the
inland sea.

2 thoughts on “The Inland Sea

  1. A poem quite timely since this is Lent on the way to Easter!
    Also, we did the same with Jimmy’s ashes…St. Patrick’s Day was his birthday.

  2. To grow up around the Great Lakes … that body of water has certainly played a role in my life … thanks for this poem, and the other one, too, about the “inland sea” … as I thought about it, it became the “inland see” … and your children can see in the sea …

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