A Spiritual Gathering

His late wife’s ashes
were scattered in a
great, inland sea.
He then married again
and they vowed
faithful they would be.
They found their joy
together hiking and
jogging in the sand-
dunes along that very
and thought of
their wonderful
life and their plans
to be
and pledged in deep
love, harmony and
that their ashes would
be scattered in the
sands along that sea.
Her late husband
would have loved
rising from the
Missouri dirt
and joining the rest
of the family
in spite of any hurt
this kinfolk might
have felt,
but those folks were
long gone to the
soil eliminating
any conflict they
may have felt,
so his spirit joined
the throng along
the inland sea
and all rejoiced
in the earth, fire,
wind and sea
of God’s great,
eternal creativity.


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