He’s Been Reading

He’s been reading about
trinitarian things, ternary

vs. binary things and the
“third way,” kind of like

thesis, antithesis and
synthesis from Hegel

only in religious term-
inology to work things

out without a lot of
either/or conflict and

he understands that
synthesis is good and

that there is far too
little of it around

America these days, but
at some point in time

someone has to rise to
the occasion, massage

his kahunas or massage
her huevos and say, “No,”

and let the chips fall
where they may and they

may fall all over his
or her head, but to

take a stand simply
has to be taken when

it seems everyone else
is saying no for all

the wrong, horrible,
insensitive, unethical,

selfish reasons. Then
among friends be sure

to practice the “third
way,” the synthesis, the

“compassionately ob-
jective way” as one

religious person put it
in a meditation he re-

ceived over the internet
and yes, it should be

tried with the opposition
but, to be quite frank

about it, didn’t President
Obama bend over backwards

and try that over and
over and over and over

and over ad nauseam?
Okay, he gets the point

not to be so argument-
ative but he wonders

if you get the other
point, right or do

you really want to
argue about this

bloody thing?

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