The Desert Glowed

The desert glowed with flowers galore;
the winter rains came in a downpour
of more and more than any time before
they could remember in their winters west.
They were sure this winter was the best
for canals and as much as aquifers could ingest,
but as with every up-side there is a down-side, too.
As the summer days came and flew
right by,
the foliage in the desert began to dry.
The fires came and the mountains began to cry
for help from the ever blue but cloudless sky,
and so with life itself,
we all need a little help
to appreciate the beauty
and endure when that life lands a kick and kelp
that leave a vicissitude’s
as it surely will
till spring flowers bloom again galore
and you find hope once more
and sing praises still to fill
your heart with gratitude.

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