Finally Done

This morning I went to the worship service
Hoping the guest preacher’s sermon would move me like a Whirling Dervish.
It was supposed to be about opening blind eyes,
But I dozed often, my gaping mouth catching flies.
I swallowed a fly, coughed and turned around to see,
If anyone in the congregation had heard me;
But with open eyes, all I would behold
Were sleeping parishioners, the sermon having put them out cold.
When the preacher finally said amen,
The sanctuary looked like an opium den.
The organist let out all the stops
And to our feet we all did hop
Cheering and clapping and having such fun
Because we all realized the preacher was finally done.

4 thoughts on “Finally Done

  1. Bob, terrific … and accurately said, I fear … wasn’t my case this morning, thank God. Loved the simply rhyming … a whole lot more energy than the morning preacher … perhaps he fell asleep, as well … what with good material, the whole of gospel, the world in which we live, that a preacher should put anyone to sleep, much less you, a matter of high crimes and misdemeanors against and humanity. Ha. Sleep tight … tonight, that is … and next Sunday, if needed.

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