He Reads Poetry of Immigration

He reads poetry of immigration,
Deportation and desolation
Instead of celebration.
What has happened?
He is a first generation
Child of Immigration,
And as hard as life was for
The Swedes, Hollanders, Italians and
Poles of his neighborhood and
As suspicious as those groups
Were of each other, their journeys
Were a celebration
And eventually those groups found
Love in combination.
He is a product of that combination
And daily looks upon life in appreciation
For the difficult journeys and the
Love that overcame suspicion and
His grandson is a rainbow coalition.
The boy can’t be prejudiced against anyone
Because he is everyone
And in that sense, he is
The revelation and incarnation
Of the Sacred Son, the Divine Daughter,
The Holy Child — Everyone.

2 thoughts on “He Reads Poetry of Immigration

  1. Thanks Robert … beautifully written and beautifully expressed … love the ending … can’t be prejudiced against anyone … indeed …

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