Presidential Succession, Down and Out

The new Veep, old, forked-tongue Mike
claiming never to be alone with a woman other than his wife,
hooked his political wagon to a falling star
in hopes that he could break loose and travel far.
The only problem for the Veep
is that he, too, is in trouble a deep heap.
The next problem then, if the Veep goes down
is that we will be left with the House’s main clown —
Paul Ryan, for legislation dead on arrival
is dubbed the Irish Undertaker,
then will be the next presidential news faker.
The Lord of Hosts once asked if there
were just one honest Holy Land man.
Well, we can declare, “Certainly not in this unholy GOP land.”
Like the guaranteed result of a good enema, alas,
hopefully, this abomination of an administration will soon pass.
Like dominoes — all three fall one right after another —
we can only hope
and this is no April Fool’s joke.

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