She Reflects Along the Way

She reflects on the Valley of
the Sun’s winter marches
for rights — immigrants, LGBTs,

She was taught about heaven
and gold and a precious gem

in the literal, biblical view,
but that way is no longer new.

It’s all right here, right
now —
heaven, empyrean,
eternity — that’s how —

when she heard again
The Day the Music Died,
and she thought and cried,
about Buddy Holly, the Big
Bopper and Richie Valens
all who fell out of the sky


softly, sweetly, Holly sang:

Sometimes we’ll sigh,
sometimes we’ll cry
and we’ll know why
just you and I
know true love ways


Well, that ‘ill be the day,
eh, eh, that I die

and my, oh, my,
why aren’t there
protest songs today?
Buddy, Richie and the Bopper,
given things as they are today,
may have written and sung some
after “silly love songs”
if they had not gone away —
after La Bamba and Chantilly Lace
and that very day, the day
the music died,
but she keeps marching and
singing in protest
while she knows
the poignancy of
true love ways
and hopes for the songs
that will inspire all
along the way.

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