A Silent Prayer for Zoe

His introverted six-year-
old grandchild, after much
practice, told him, “Thank

you, Grandpa,” for prepar-
ing a plate of cheese and
ripe avocados with butter

and lemon. “Oh, Zoe,
what wonderful words to
fall upon my ears and a

wonderful gift given to
my heart. You have made
me very happy.” He want-

ed to scoop her up into his
arms and tell her about all
the harm that may come her

way, but for all that, grace
still wins, love still wins,
Zoe (life) still wins, but he

left it at that knowing, what
a favorite teacher told him
so many years before the

cheese and avocados that
when the student is ready,
the teacher will be there, so

he simply prayed a silent
prayer, shed a tear and left
it there.


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