He Viewed

He viewed a wonderful interpretation
of the one and only novel of a wonderful
nineteenth-century novelist as a classical

representation of the dangers of “passion”
allowed into life, but as he watched with
twenty-first century eyes and caught up

with college English through summaries of
the plot at Great English Literature Classics
online, he, in light of so much of his own

observations and education and, therefore,
in light of the obvious bias, prejudice and
racism which has reared its ugly head to-

day, had, in that classic nineteenth century,
English novel, reared its ugly head not in
the life of the bizarrely “passionate”

dark-skinned, orphan from the back alleys
of Liverpool, but in the completely
innocent, young head of the parson’s

child whose fantasies carried her re-
pressed thoughts away from the parsonage
into a classically, well-written

“passionate” death.


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