Fourteen Fish — Same as Five Months Before

The dune grass, cut while they were
traveling, is beginning to grow – short
green blades swaying slightly in the

wind off the Big Lake. As they pulled
the old, holey, sewn often netting
(destined for the recycling bin) across

the pond one last time leaves slipped
through and floated to the bottom.
The bubbler was removed and the

pump plugged in and when the water
started to flow they saw the fish
rise from the bottom. She counted

five, six…fourteen! Same as when they
left five months before. Light bulbs
were replaced in the decorative lighting

around the pond. Dead ornamental grass
stalks and last fall’s leaves were
dragged to the pine grove where they

will mingle with the needles and feed
the soil.  Tarps were removed from the
furniture and the furniture was wiped

clean. Wine glasses clinked, the choco-
late lab watched the fish, the couple
stood before the beauty of home.

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