i sat on a rock by the sea

i sat on a rock
by the sea
when right there
before me
was he/she/thee
dog paddling
and treading
water of the sea,
and i asked,
is that all you
have to do,
and he/she/thee
said, i have till three.
what happens at three?
dark clouds gather
surrounding me and thee
and you don’t want
to be in or near
the sea
when lightning
you can see.
i said, you saved
my life when I
most needed thee.
in my suffering, i
looked up at you
hanging on the tree —
such misery.
now you are
swimming around
like a kid full
of glee.
well, there are
many facets
to being me,
and that’s as
it should be.
want to join
for a swim
over to that
beautiful lea?
we can sunbathe
and still be
back by three.
i said, but there
are sea creatures
to flee.
you do
puzzle me.
let’s race,
said he/she/thee,
on the count of
three –
one, two, three!

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