Gone in a Handbasket

The expert, the scholar
Said that the vote by
House of Representatives
In passing the new health
Care bill was, “the biggest
Redistribution from the
Poor to the rich of any
Bill in history,” and this
Is the health care bill,
Apparently geared just
For the health care of
The rich and a very
Specific message for
The poor – “Go to Hell.”
And life is upside down
And America was estab-
Lished to kill off the less
Fortunate and to bless and
Favor those who have
Money as was ordained
By God, “BY GOD,
GODDAMMIT!!!” cried
Those on the way to
The White House.
And I just wanted to
Write a poem about
Nature and how beautiful
Life is all around us this
Very moment, and now
The whole idea has gone
To hell in a handbasket
Which, in all honesty,
I got at a Goodwill store.


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