Here and There It’s a Bad Day

The artist showed up at
The artists’ reception having
Been told that one of two
Entries was accepted into
The show only to find out
That neither was exhibited.
She wondered and then
Groused and then asked
What had happened and
her question was turned
Over to the final judge
Who had nothing to say
About the initial judging but
That judge said, “No way,”
To the artist and her husband.
It was decided the same day
The United States’ House of
Representatives voted to
Repeal and replace the
Affordable Care Act.
They said, “Finally,
Obama is out of way.”
It’s a fine new day
For the one percent of
One percent and who
Cares about what is
Right and what is just
And what is the right way
Even for an artist who
Was told that she had
A piece accepted only
To be cast aside with
A flip, “No way,”
And that appears to be
The unloving, unjust way
In America today.

1 thought on “Here and There It’s a Bad Day

  1. There is, I think, emerging, and quickly, it seems, a harshness … a me-first, and who cares, attitude … it’s always there, in all of us, I guess, but sometimes culture helps us keep the lid on it, but with the advent of tRump and his Hateful Gang of Greed, culture is turning sour … and the lid is lifted on all the demons, howling with delight … sad, very sad … and I hope the artist has another chance, even as I pray that America will another chance at better choices.

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