Can You Drink of This Cup?

Everybody jockeying for places,
Or someone jockeying for others, like mothers.

A virtue of being consistent concerning ethics.

Well, for sure, they are that. Isn’t every– body —
integrated, morally coordinated?
Every Body says so.
Everybody believes so at least about
We couldn’t go around thinking
of ourselves as Simon Legree, now could we?
What good would that do for me?

Disparate parts maintain equilibrium,
Working well together —
In one body,
One head,
One heart,
By the book,
Right down the middle,
Go with the facts
Wherever they lead,
Whatever they reveal,
Whatever the consequences.
Right now those words
Have such appeal.
Can we hear them again?

You got fired, okay.
Pushed out-of-the-way.
You weren’t nailed to a tree.
You just lost your job.
In this culture, that’s enough,
For starters, maybe.

Did you leak that to the press?
Absolutely not, uttered peacefully,
Declaratively, confidently, assuredly —

Integrity – a word so lonely,
One for which we are so hungry,
So thirsty —
“I thirst,” from the cross, cried he.


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