Even Heckle and Jeckle Squawked

Even Heckle and Jeckle
looked at what
Trump and Sessions did
in firing the head of the FBI,
a controversial but competent guy,
and squawked, “Heaven forbid.
Donald and Beauregard colluded
with each other to deflect
how Vladimir is included
in winning Trump the
thinking that
the US is ready for
the fascism option.”
Even for Heckle and Jeckle
this is way beyond
the poption option,
which, for them, is
so very much
about what they politically love —
corn, corn, corn.
This is truly a
constitutional storm
to save the democratic norm
so Heckle, a democrat,
and Jeckle, a republican,
walked in from the limb
joining together to
save the union.


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