The Salamander In the Pool

There on the second step into the pool
rested a salamander prone,
barely visible to the eye, the pool’s tone.
Could it be a rubber toy
set in place by a mischievous boy
hoping to make some adult a fool?
He bent and touched the salamander
and felt not rubber but soft, wet skin.
of an apparently dead amphibian
who entered the very wrong pool
and what is good for humans
left the amphibian a fool.
He tossed the salamander on the hot deck
and waited to see if it was still alive,
but the amphibian did not revive
and was, in fact, “as a door nail” dead.
The next day, he saw the carcass
on the deck,
the skin as tough as leather-neck.
He thought of placing the salamander
back in the same watery place
then waiting to see someone’s startled face,
but such would be a childish joke
played by much younger folk,
and so on the deck the salamander
was left to harden
and he watched wondering if someone
would step on it and cry, “What is that!”
or simply say, “Oh, beg your pardon.”

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