Navigating Financial Dire Straits

Monday was the start of the
spring fundraising drive on
the classical music station.
He ignored contributing for
six days not realizing the
station’s navigation of dire
straits. Hearing the station
was in irons and adrift with-
out a financial rudder, he
reached for his wallet when
he got the bad news that on
the seventh day, Sunday, the
classical station was Baroque.
As the ship was Liszt-ing,
Mozart was Haydn below deck
Some heard him say, “I’ll be
Bach,” but it was really
Arnold Schwarzenegger,
who hasn’t anything to do
with classical music
except, as rumor has it,
for the time he tried
out for H.M.S. Penafore,
an operetta, thinking it
had something to do
with a Beretta, to
be used in a musical
comedy version of
The Guns of Navarone.
He put away his check book
thinking it was time to
hop into the Van Gogh
Tchaikovsky down the
Italian slopes of Albinoni
which made him think of
Oscar Meyer baloney
which he may have for
lunch after being in
the balcony
of the latest Baroque
concert which he found
so rich and left
him feeling flush
with so much great

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