When I Was An Itty-Bitty Baby

The director of health and human
services in some state that presume-
ably doesn’t have many minorities
or old folks believes it is a good
and moral thing to make getting a
job requisite to receiving Medicaid.
She pejoratively calls Medicaid an
“entitlement” program that saps
human initiative and drives people
into perpetual and permanent lazi-
ness and government dependency
kind of like how smoking marijuana
leads resolutely and irreversibly to
drug addiction, a zombie-like apoca-
lypse, despair and death like in that
30’s flick Reefer Madness. I wonder
if she knows it isn’t the 30’s or
even the Twentieth Century anymore.
I wonder how she feels about medical
use of marijuana. I wonder if she
takes her cues from Beauregard Sessions
on things like crime, marijuana use,
lazy minorities and how those who don’t
work shouldn’t eat, which is an example
of the time-honored tradition among
Southern, white evangelicals called
proof-texting for the purpose of
starving to death the undeserving
kind of like Nazi eugenics and the
final solution to the Jewish problem
which if those things had succeeded
certainly would have meant fewer
mouths to feed and would have made
big government smaller except for
national defense, the righteous goal
of all good, God-fearing, white
Christians except, of course, if they
themselves receive Social Security,
Medicare or Medicaid, in which case,
those programs aren’t really “entitle-
ment” programs because the righteous
paid into them while working hard from
the time they were itty-bitty babies
just out of the cradle which had been
rocked by their mamas and the truth
of it is that the cotton in those old
cotton fields back home was picked by
whites and it is a vicious conspiracy
theory and fake news that the cotton
was picked by black slaves.

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