The Roller Coaster

They do it every time,
these T.V. journalists.
Oh, it’s going to be a close race.
Holy cow!
The gap is narrowing.
Trump took this area
by twenty-two points.
We think the Democrat
has a real chance of pulling
off this upset.
What a blow this will be
to Trump and the GOP.
They won’t know
what hit them.
This could bode well
for the Dems in 2018
and a blow to the GOP.
Stay tuned.
The polls are
about to close
but the counting is going
to go on a long time.
The Republican won.
That’s the third time.
I’m just not going
to get my hopes up
Brace yourself.
Here comes another
special election.
This could be the one!
What an upset this could
What a blow to the GOP.
Doesn’t PBS have a cooking show
or a good mystery?

1 thought on “The Roller Coaster

  1. All for capturing the audience … and they play us for fools … as for the reality of it, it’s too early yet … strong GOP areas are not going to ever change … but I’ve got hopes for 2018.

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