An Obscene Scene

It could be described as an obscene scene
as the ex-model, Lady Royale
emerged from the limousine.
“Her jacket was covered in multicolored 3D floral appliques
creating a striking garden-esque motif.
But she had to pay a hefty price
for that one-of-a-kind design — $51,500,” real ice,
perhaps just to strut her stuff
or jealousy and covetousness to entice.
Why not simply wear beautiful, real cut flowers
instead of the fakes?
But as with Marie Antoinette, perhaps she, like her husband,
thinks Medicaid recipients should eat cake.
But if, as she professes,
she really wants to do something to even the score,
like alleviating the tax burden on the poor,
and at the same time set
a real attention-getting course,
like Lady Godiva,
she could ride through town
naked on a horse.

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