Realizing Needs

“I don’t know why we chose a misogynistic, racist, scam artist demagogue who also happens to be an internet troll to lead our nation….But I do know we have seen the likes of him before and we will see the likes of him again. I do know he has a story. I know he has wounds and fears and memories and desires.”*

And I thought about needing to remember that the troll does have a story, too, and that there are reasons and “wounds and fears and memories…” that make up his life and while I don’t like him, with the power of the Holy Spirit, I can love him in the sense of wishing him well and doing whatever I can for him if legitimate need presents itself, which I feel about 99 and 99 one hundreth’s percent sure won’t because he doesn’t know me from Adam and he seems completely unaware of any real needs (like the “know thyself” need) he might have beyond the basic survival stuff like eating and sleeping and exercising (which apparently he doesn’t do very well either).

And, in the mean time, as I am waiting around for him to tell me how I can help him, I will assume that I know a need of his, of which he may be entirely unaware as he is unaware of mostly everything, and I will do everything I can within my power and within the law to help him accomplish.

I will protest peacefully and nonviolently and pray and hope that for the sake of the US of A and the world in general one of his unknown needs will be realized – the need to be removed legally from office post-haste.

*Cheryl Strayed,
The Power of “Me Too”,
Guest column, On Being online newsletter

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