A Detective’s Strange Matter

He stood over the cadaver
And heard much palaver
About the history of the cadaver.
It was so much blather
That he would never get to the
Bottom of the matter
About the cadaver.
His thoughts began to scatter
And he heard the pitter-patter
Of the heart of the now alive cadaver.
So he could go to the source
And ask the cadaver
What was the matter.
Everyone was sadder
To hear of the death of the cadaver
But now they were gladder
About the living cadaver.
Still, the detective was
Getting madder
Not knowing what was the matter.
Finally, the once cadaver
Told the detective
That he tried laissez passer
Which turned into a disaster
And almost killed him.
So he was thrilled to be there
And as he rose from the gurney
Hoped that would be
The end of the matter.

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