Into the Wild and Back Home

He grew up with
urban, suburban
and wild and wild
was the creek,
woods and trails
of a South Sub-
urban forest
preserve. Com-
fortable with
urban and sub-
urban, he knows
the years have
only served to
whet his appetite
for wild. At the
same time, time
has moved from
backpacking to
tent camping but
he jogs trails
and kayaks streams
and still waters
and stops and
breathes deeply
of the deep woods
and waters and
remembers his
life as a Lakota
Indian and Thor
Heyerdahl on the
Kon-tiki. He takes
off his running
shoes and puts on
his desert boots
and hikes out
and down the
driveway in the
spring rain.
Into the wind
off the big lake,
he embraces his
wild heart. And
then he goes
back in the house
for the evening.

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