Unrealized Potential

Forty million on a special
election with Democrats spending
the majority to send the president
a message. Message sent —
lost, inept — like every other
special election in red states.
Lost — 0 for 4. Bloated presi-
dent gloats. Millions upon
millions of dollars to send a
message — wrong message —
lost. Then the blame game
begins, finger-pointing. What
else is new? Dems on dems.
It was close; it was close; it
was close. Horseshoes. Horse-
puckey. It’s her fault. Whose?
Who cares? The party that can’t
shoot straight. Like herding
cats. The kids with great
potential never realized.
Drop outs. Republicans —
morally bankrupt. Democrats —
ineptitude incarnate but very
nice people. Save the money.
Send it to anti-poverty groups.
Get constructive. Give it away.
Don’t let your left hand know
what your right hand is doing;
you don’t anyway. You don’t
know what either hand is doing,
so do something constructive;
do something for someone else,
like the poor. Now that’s
a novel idea. Compassion,
which would be a great thing,
aside think enlightened
self-interest, which isn’t
particularly altruistic, but
is enlightened, something,
Dems don’t normally see. You
might get a few votes. You
aren’t getting all that many
doing what you are famous for
doing –all the wrong things,
but you still have great

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