Early Summer Camping

They started on a journey just two days ago.
Hitched up the Egg Camper and away they did go.*
It was the first camping trip of the year.
They ventured forth without fear
that the weather would disappoint.
North the compass did point.
They were a little old to backpack,
but they quickly got their trailer legs back.
They arrived and the sun shone bright.
They set up camp, relaxed and ducked in for the night.
On the morrow, they experienced great sorrow.
The forecast read storms today and tomorrow.
Not wanting to sit all day under a canopy,
they decided for home they would flee.
So they packed up and high stepped it for home
only to let out a harmonic moan.
It seems the forecast did change.
It went from 80% rain
down to the 20% range.
“Ah, well” they conceded.
It’s Southwest Michigan,
so waiting around ten minutes is all that’s needed.
The intrepid travelers will ride it out and
be more diligent next time,
even if they have to wait out a storm snug under
the canopy sipping a glass of wine.

*paraphrase of first two lines from an old folk song To Morrow

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