A Zephyr at Play

I wondered if you could see a zephyr
and then I became one, huffing and

puffing and blowing leaves on branches
of birch trees making them flutter and

tickle each other. I heard them laugh.
I blew on the surface of the pond and

saw the ripples bump into the ripples
flowing from the waterfall. I skittered

through the dune grass and it tried to
cut me into a thousand pieces with a

thousand blades, but I was too fast. I
shot up into the sky and over the dune

and wanted to reach the shore but a
bigger, much bigger wind blew off the

lake and chilled me to the bones I
don’t have. I ducked and settled on the

warm sand and decided to settle in for
awhile and take a nap. The sun shone

brightly on me as planned, but I felt
bad that no one could see my tan.

“Oh, my,” I said. “It’s getting so very hot.
Does anyone have a fan?”

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