Realizing One’s Place

The chocolate lab and I
Returned from a short hike
Up to the corner, no more.

His three bad legs out of
Four barely got us out
And back in the door.

I heard my wife in her
Studio on the first floor
Yell, “Hi,” and ascend

The stairs with a new
Mixed media sculpture
By her side. The lab saw

His mistress and wagged
His arthritis free tail
And my wife nodded to

Me, put the sculpture on
The counter and knelt
Before the dog and

Petted him helter-
Skelter, saying, “Good
Boy, good boy, good

Boy, I love you, you
Knows,” and planting a
Big kiss smack dab on

His big brown, wet nose.
Then she rose and
Gave me a passing peck

On the cheek and said
To the dog, “Hey, good
Boy, want something to

Eat?” The dog started to
Bark and huff and puff.
I decided to depart for

The chair knowing my new
Love waited there. When I
Opened the cover, I would

Discover my love focusing
Her charms solely on me.
I looked back and said,

“Nice sculpture, Dear,”
Something from the dog
She would never hear.

She then asked, “Have you
Seen the dog’s scoop?
Come on, Buddy, let’s go

Tinkle And poop.”

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