Why Am I So Uncomfortable?

I don’t know why but I’m really
uncomfortable in the presence of
sociopaths and psychopaths. It’s
disquieting, disorienting, disturb-
ing. This morning when I took the
dog out to do his business, I heard
this burst of air in the woods like
a water sprinkler was about to start –
ppssshhtt — and I was going to get
soaked. Water sprinkler in the woods?
Then I thought perhaps it was the
rattle of a poisonous snake except
I’m not in Arizona this time of year
and I live in the one county in the
lower peninsula that doesn’t have
poisonous snakes. The dog and I went
back inside. I fixed him his break-
fast and then I thought again about
how uncomfortable I am in the presence
of sociopaths and psychopaths and
then I went online and went to Yahoo
to get the day’s news and realized
we are all right there — in the
woods with strange sounds, poisonous
snakes and sociopaths and psychopaths.

1 thought on “Why Am I So Uncomfortable?

  1. The world we now live in is dramatically different from the one we’ve lived in for a good many years, including the Bushes. Now, it’s a madhouse of greed, evangelical posturing, racist and homophobic craziness … snakes in the grass, things that go bump in the night. It’s become a very ugly, and, I’ll add, dangerous, world.

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