Blind Spots

Even though he comes from
A super evangelical, theo-
Logically conservative,
Socially pious, hymn sandwich
Liturgical place with a minister
Father who was more dictator
Than democrat (with a small d),
He eventually came out of the
Closet, but became a liturgical
Snob. He visited a progressive,
Inclusive, super left-leaning,
Rainbow coalition congregation
Of a friend made up of gays
And straights, former Pentecostal
Blacks and Hispanics, formerly
Rejected Roman Catholics and a
Few Asians who wondered if Jesus
And the Buddha were buddies and
So, the worship was, to say it
Politely, stone soup. The sexually
Liberated, liturgical snob would
Never return. The friend wondered
To himself, well, we all have our
Blind spots, don’t we?


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