He Saw This Clever Drawing*

He saw this clever drawing from
the perspective of looking down on a man
whose brain is exposed in a funnel head.
The man is slurping a single strand of
spaghetti which went directly
from the plate through his mouth and
became the brain.

This isn’t your grandmother’s semolina.
It is the genetically engineered, loaded
with chemicals that never go away
but are there to stay
and which thus became
the genetically-engineered-
American brain.

Then he thought of the old,
public service TV commercial
warning about what became
of a brain
on drugs —
an egg sizzling in a frying pan.

The commercial didn’t work, because
the American brain doesn’t sizzle
but does the “wash and
slosh” like a top-loading machine
on opioid chemicals
as well as the
the American brain.

He wonders if in some way this
might help explain
the brain
that tipped the electoral college scales
in the last presidential campaign
or perhaps help explain
the president’s own brain.

It seems about as reasonable
as the other stuff he has heard.

*a drawing by poet David Hernandez

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