He Saw A Former Dean

He saw a former dean of his former
seminary — now the president of
another seminary, in town for a
vacation along the shores of the Big
Lake. She is a first-rate scholar but
being profoundly left brained, she
didn’t know him even though they
had been introduced several times.
No insult taken. It’s all about
the brain. It just goes with the
academic territory — like they
will explore the meaning of Jesus’
words as much as they can identify
them and challenge students to live
those words intimately even if those
professors remain miles away in a
library somewhere, safe and sound
and incredibly comfortable in their
academic security while one of them
has a really nice, comfortable
vacation along the shore of the Big
Lake before going back to her seminary
to challenge students to go out to
follow Jesus to comfort the poor
and destitute.

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